Relationship Between the Use of Business Intelligence and Perceived Organizational Benefits

Name: Claudia Maria Daher Nader
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 11/12/2015

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Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *

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Emanuel Rodrigues Junqueira de Matos Internal Examiner *
Marcos Paulo Valadares de Oliveira Internal Examiner *
Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *
Thalmo de Paiva Coelho Junior External Examiner *

Summary: The present study has the objective of analyze the relationship between the Application of BI Systems and the Organizational Improvement Perceived. To verify if the Application of BI Systems impacts on the Quality of Information to strategically taking decisions and, if the improvement on the Quality of Information can be associated to financial growth and operational improvement for the organization. It is about a quantitative research that quests to explore a relation between variables through Multiple Linear Regression. The model of research proposed was adapted from the model of Teo e Choo (2001). The construct Usage of Internet was replaced by the construct of the Application of Business Intelligence. For this it was made a listing to identify the companies in Espírito Santo state that uses Business Intelligence and after it, another listing containing the main managers that works at those companies. To collect the data, a closed survey form was adapted from the one that Teo and Choo (2001) proposed. The survey was sent by e-mail and the social network called LinkedIn as well, as a communication tool. The sample is composed of 105 survey forms properly answered, being non-probabilistic and for convenience, because of the small number of companies that got Business Intelligence implanted and its access limited to the managers. The results allowed us to infer that managers realize that the Usage of BI improves the Quality of Information that in turn generates financial and operational benefits positively contributing to Revenue Generation, Cost Reduction and improvement of Effectiveness Management. Was possible to see that the BI system still being used or perceived in an internal perspective in the company. The hypotheses of external application of BI, through the helping or dissemination of information externally from the company, contributes to improve the Quality of Information used in strategic decisions, was refuted.

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