Name: Ramón Andrés Ortiz Rojo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/04/2021

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Bruno de Almeida Vilela Advisor *

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Adonai José Lacruz Internal Examiner *
Bruno de Almeida Vilela Advisor *
Jefferson Marlon Monticelli External Examiner *
João Paulo Calembo External Examiner *

Summary: Global integration and the intense increase in international transactions allowed more small and
medium-sized companies (SMEs) to seek penetration in the international market. In this
context, this research study aims to understand what the factors that affect the
internationalization processes of companies are, especially for SMEs, the most affected by the
scarcity of resources in relation to international expansion. The objective of this study is to
develop and qualitatively validate a conceptual model that addresses the factors that could affect
the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies, contributing to the research on
the theme and also assisting SMEs in the review or formulation of their internationalization
processes. Methodologically, a bibliographic study was carried out, analyzing seminal studies
on the internationalization of companies, complemented with the literature review of more
recent works in relation to the topic of investigation. Next, a content analysis was carried out
to determine the factors that affect the internationalization of companies. The results of this
analysis were validated with experts for the formulation of the proposed conceptual model, as
well as for the creation of the research instrument validated and applied in this study. Overall,
the results of the study suggest that the conceptual model offered here will serve as a guide for
new understandings in theorizing the internationalization of companies. The model and the
research instrument proposed in this study, will contribute to the classification of companies in
internationalization levels, in addition to being able to assist companies, mainly to SMEs, in the
formulation or review of their strategies for internationalization. The results also suggest a
necessary deepening of the understanding of academia-industry communication instances, and
support for the academy and research specifically related to the internationalization of
companies and more broadly to entrepreneurship in Brazil.

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