Name: Thiago Chagas de Almeida
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 25/02/2021

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Alexandre Reis Rosa Advisor *

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Adonai José Lacruz Internal Examiner *
Alexandre Reis Rosa Advisor *
Mauro Macedo Campos External Examiner *

Summary: Co-production in public services is an emerging approach in the study of public policy, based on the conception that they are made up of different social actors. When perceiving a compatibility of this approach to the management councils, because they involve multiple actors in the elaboration of certain public policies, this Dissertation asked: how does the interaction of actors in the councils be associated with the co-production approach? Therefore, the objective of the research was to analyze the relationship between the co-production approach and the interaction of actors in the councils. As specific objectives, it was proposed to: Identify the characteristics of the studied councils that can influence co-production; Analyze the theoretical and practical evidence on this relationship; and Indicate the possibilities for future studies. For that, a systematic review of works voted on the subject was carried out, through qualitative meta-synthesis. Data analysis was performed using thematic content analysis technique. The results showed that management councils are spaces that are conducive to co-production, as they promote the interaction of actors to discuss certain public services. However, for co-production to occur in this way, councilors have to influence the results of public policies in some way. The effectiveness of these mechanisms, consequently reaching co-production, turns out to be a fundamental measure for the development of social participation and participatory democracy.

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