Career Barriers, Adaptability And Satisfaction: Perceptions Of Administration Concluding Students In Higher Education Institutions.

Name: Mariana Ramos de Melo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 25/01/2018

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Priscilla de Oliveira Martins da Silva Advisor *

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Alexsandro Luiz de Andrade External Examiner *
Annor da Silva Junior Internal Examiner *
Lígia Carolina Oliveira Silva External Examiner *
Priscilla de Oliveira Martins da Silva Advisor *

Summary: The concepts of contemporary careers direct to individuals the responsibility for continuous improvement in development of their own careers. In this context, cognitive aspects have been increasing in studies that associate human processes and organizations. This research initially aimed to adapt the Career Barriers Perception Inventory in Brazilian population. This research also aimed to analyze how perceptions of career barriers and adaptability influence employability and career satisfaction among undergraduate Administration students of Higher Education Institutions. The study was performed on a sample of 358 students with a mean age of 26,94 years (SD = 6,03), which 57,8% (N = 207) of these were female. The results indicated reliability and validity evidence for the reduced version of the Career Barriers Perception Inventory in Brazilian population. It was also evidenced the complexity about the understanding of individual perception career barriers process, as well reinforced that sociodemographic characteristics are potential indicators for understanding this process. Furthermore, results demonstrated that continuous development of skills by individuals to build their careers and their lives favors employability perceptions and career satisfaction. With this research is expected to contribute for development of strategies that positively influence individual’s cognitive aspects during the education course. Implications for future research are discussed.

Keywords: Career Development. Career Barriers. Adaptability. Career Success. Higher Education.

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