Resource-Based Strategy for Achieving Profitability and Sustainability: a Case Study

Name: André Sarmento Spalenza
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/03/2016

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Annor da Silva Junior Advisor *

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Alfredo Rodrigues Leite da Silva Internal Examiner *
Annor da Silva Junior Advisor *
Bruno Felix Von Borell de Araujo External Alternate *

Summary: This research aims to analyze how the strategy anchored in the Resource Based View (RBV) articulates the internal and external factors for the achievement of profitability and sustainability. From the perspective of RBV, it is understood that internal resources are the main source of competitive advantage and profitability of an organization. For sustainability, it is understood that is the equal treatment of economic growth, environmental preservation and social development. The study was performed by a qualitative approach, in a interpretive bias, through a single case analysis. Data were collected through data triangulation method, which in this case was composed of: documentary research, interviews and observation. The documentary research is the investigation of documents, such as site licenses, annual reports, among others. The interview was in-depth and semi-structured, and the interviewed were members of the organization who occupied decision-making positions. The observation was unsystematic and non-participant. The data were analyzed using content analysis. The main results were the establishment of four types of strategies: innovation, image, differentiation and diversification. These strategies articulate internal and external elements for the formation of the core competencies of the organization, that provides to the organization competitive advantage. The positive relationship between profitability and sustainability was not found, instead was found a relationship between profitability and corporate social responsibility. This research have as limitation the fact of the study only researchs one organization, beeing not possible to analyze other different sectors instead of the sustainability one.

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