Succession Planning in Family Companies: a Case Study at a Metal-mechanic Sector Company in Espírito Santo

Name: Caio Ruano da Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/08/2013

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Annor da Silva Junior Advisor *

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Alfredo Rodrigues Leite da Silva Internal Examiner *
Annor da Silva Junior Advisor *

Summary: The main goal of this dissertation is to investigate how the values of the entrepreneur family and the organizational culture affects the planning structure of the succession process in a family business group located in the Espírito Santo State. The data was collected through methodological triangulation, as suggested by Jick (1979), and the selected methods were semi-structured interviews, nonsystematic observation and document research. The data was analyzed using thematic content analysis (BARDIN, 2006). As main contribution, this dissertation illustrates that a disruption of the family values shared in the founder‟s generation and the ones of his descendents directly affected the choice of the potential successor for the business. It is probable that the mentioned disruption is related to a transition in the way the family organized itself. Until the founder‟s generation the family organized itself as a production unit. Perhaps, it was observed that the heirs shifted to a consumption unit‟s mindset (DAVEL e COLBARI, 2000). It‟s also possible that the main cause of the founder‟s insecurity lies on his fear that the organizational values might change after the succession. This argument is considered valid, once the choice of the potential successor was based mainly in normative trust, which is developed based in common values between the parties (LANE, 1998). Moreover, some aspects of the organizational culture, such as its informality and the centralized and intuitive decision making processes, reflect on the succession process planning structure, which was observed to share the same characteristics.

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