The Perceptions of Entrepreneurs in the Automotive Repair Sector Regarding the Strategic Alliance Good Service Network ".

Name: Milton Henrique do Couto Neto
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 02/03/2004

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Ricardo Roberto Behr Advisor *

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Hélio Zanquetto Filho External Examiner *
Mônica de Fátima Bianco Internal Examiner *
Ricardo Roberto Behr Advisor *

Summary: The strategical alliances, that once were more common in big conglomerate, have come to small firms. Nowadays, it’s seen uncountable cases of pharmacies, supermarkets, construction supplies and furniture stores chains. In the state of Espirito Santo, some businessmen of automotive repair, following this trail, have united forming the “Rede Bom Serviço”, which is becoming this work’s object of study. There are no doubts that the automotive repair sector had suffered a major transformation in the past years, since the market opening, when saw itself in front of a sophisticated technology, that came from “outside”, shipped in several models that are now imported. The sector traditionally left off, left behind and being an occupied sector by less or none qualified people, had to be remodeled and for that a valuable contribution was given by the appearance of the strategical alliances. However, despite the several advantages that results from the alliances union, there are problems and to believe that they are an option free of risk is to be mistaken. Among the eventual causes of problems, are the interpersonal relations. The automotive repair sector has some features that make it an area even more proper to the verification of conflicts in the interpersonal relations of bonding alliances, such as: the fact of being a sector mostly formed by small firms, WHERE naturally the personal behavior rules, focused in the owner’s figure, the fact of most of the businessman present a low education level and the fact of being firms that sells services, WHERE, it would be, by its own definition of service, impossible to maintain an absolute uniform pattern. Therefore, the research checked the perception of the businessmen members of the “Rede Bom Serviço” about the critic points of working with the alliances. To do so, a bibliographic review about small firms, strategical alliances and companies’ chains was done. The history of the automotive repair sector and the national automobile industry was tracked, for as shown in the project, there is no way to split the history in the repair sector of the own automobile industry itself. It was, therefore, with the quality, description, documental, bibliographic, and field research, characterized as a multicase study, involving ten of the twenty businessmen of the “Rede Bom Serviço”, exclusive to the ones located in Grande Vitória. These businessmen were surveyed about the critical points considered, known as individual and mutual objectives, competition versus partnership, interpersonal relations, trust in the other members, power share, giving and receiving contributions, use of a single brand and patterned prices and services. After this study it was possible to see that regarding the businessmen’s opinion the interpersonal issues are the main critical point according to the alliances work, being the trust the most complex item.

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