Interorganizational Relationships in Services: an Analysis of the Intervening Aspects in the Foreign Trade Sector of Vitória-ES

Name: Júlia Sasso Alighieri
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/03/2007

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Hélio Zanquetto Filho Advisor *

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Cleverson Renan da Cunha External Examiner *
Hélio Zanquetto Filho Advisor *
Mônica de Fátima Bianco Internal Examiner *

Summary: In the last decades, companies had passed through a process of productive reorganization and had faced great national and international competitiveness, what caused the development of new managerial practices, amongst which the tendency of developing interorganisational relationships, bringing up horizontal and/or vertical networks. From this context, the main objective of the current study is to analyze the interorganisational relationships’ enablers aspects among foreign trade services companies of Vitória (ES) and its third-parties (dispatching and transportation companies), that forms a vertical network. The main reason for this research is the investigation of interorganisational relationships in the service sector, while the majority of the studies with this approach focus on industrial sector. Thus, to reach such objective, the research strategy used is case study, using as support a qualitative methodology. Ten semi-structured interviews with managers of the sector had been carried out. The data was analysed through content analysis and organized around themes. The empirical research allows to conclude that interorganisational relationships’ enablers aspects were frequently found in the cases studied, besides evidencing the presence of another aspect not shown in the literature review: competency. As complement, we propose a model which shows the existing relations among those aspects in order to improve the understanding of the phenomenon studied

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