Earnings Quality: combined effect of Profit Persistence with Earnings Management.

Name: Elizeu Maria Junior
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 16/07/2018

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Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *

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Hélio Zanquetto Filho Internal Examiner *
Josete Florencio dos Santos External Examiner *
Luiz Claudio Louzada External Examiner *
Patrícia Maria Bortolon External Examiner *
Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *

Summary: The financial reports constitute a relevant source of information for investors and other agents of the capital market. This thesis is dedicated the analysis of the Persistence in profits and of Earnings management while attributes of the quality of financial information. The objective of this research is to investigate the Earnings Quality from Persistence in profits and of Earnings management and their combined
effects. The main proposition of this thesis is that the combined analysis of Persistence in profits and of Earnings management will allow to discriminate companies with and without Earnings Quality with greater efficiency of the isolated analysis of these attributes. We analyzed 205 companies listed in B3 SA, with quarterly financial information disclosed between the years 2010 and 2016. The data needed to determine the variables and models proposed in this study were collected in the databases Thomson Reuters Eikon®, Economática® and Comdinheiro®. The methodological approach of this research is characterized as quantitative developed by means of statistical and econometric models. The proposed models were structured as panel data and analyzed using simple and multivariate linear regressions and binary logistic regressions. The results of the research show that the combined analysis of Persistence in profits and of Earnings management show greater efficiency in the discrimination of companies in function of the Earnings
Quality perceived by the market. Additionally it was verified from the results that the perception of the market about the Earnings management is significantly lower than the perception of the Persistence in profits as attributes of the Earnings Quality. These results supported the thesis proposed in this study. Keywords: Earnings Quality. Persistence in Profits. Earnings Management.

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