Critical Success Factors In Software Development Projects With Agile Methodologies

Name: Marco Antonio Oliveira Chaves
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/04/2018

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Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *

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Anderson Soncini Pelissari Internal Examiner *
Hélio Zanquetto Filho Internal Examiner *
Taciana de Lemos Dias External Examiner *
Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro Advisor *

Summary: The adoption of agile methodologies for software development is considered an innovation in the management of projects and seeks to overcome the flaws presented by the traditional forms of management. The objective of the present research was to identify the critical factors for the success of software development projects based on agile methodologies, from the view of the team members. In the first stage, the main critical factors and the main dimensions used to measure the success of the projects were identified through a systematic review of the specialized literature using the ProKnow-C methodology. The results of the first stage served as a theoretical basis for the elaboration of the topic guide, the data collection instrument used in the second stage, a field survey conducted through semi-structured interviews whose target were members of teams of software development projects. The locus of action of the interviewees were companies in the Vitória. The analysis of the collected data, performed through the immersion of the researcher in the corpus of the interviews, identified, mainly, the need for an adaptation of the thought and the behavior to the agile principles, alignment of the critical factors identified to the stages of the projects and the great challenges encountered in the agile methodologies for large-scale development. The following critical factors were highlighted as relevant: Team Capability, Customer Involvement, Agile Team Environment, Agile Organizational Environment, Management Commitment, Delivery Strategy and Project Management. The results contributed as a reference for software development project teams based on agile methodologies to concentrate efforts on what really matters in the quest for project success, as well as for the advancement of theory, reducing the amount of critical factors identified in the literature.
Keywords: Software Project Management. Critical Success Factors. Agile Methodologies.

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